Information in healthcare is very privacy sensitive and as a result security requirements are high. On the other hand, healthcare providers and patients are mobile, moving around and not always having access to a fixed desktop.

Next to that rules and regulations regarding security and privacy are also becoming stricter in the healthcare segment. At the same time it can be in the interest of the patients that medical data can quickly and easily be accessed by the right medical professionals from any location.

AET solutions offer unlimited secure access to healthcare providers and their patients on any device, anytime, any place, anywhere.

Use Case UZIpas

Working more secure and efficient with the UZIpas

The Central GP services Drenthe (CHD) provides urgent medical care in the evening, night and weekend hours and during the holidays, in a large part of Drenthe, in Appelscha region and a large part of Overijssel (region Staphorst and Steenwijk).

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