Central and local government are increasingly offering digital services to their citizens, as well as enhancing their internal security.

Governments and authorities around the world are looking for ways to easily and efficiently authenticate and manage users of their eGovernment services. It is more than simply issue secure and reliable ID documents. It is about effectively manage and secure the entire value chain from registration and verification, to issuing and managing an identity. At the same time, govermental organisations must protect citizens privacy to comply with privacy laws.

Easy, secure and user friendly 24/7 access for citizen to eGovernment services is becoming more and more essential for central and local government bodies. AET can provide solutions for governmental organizations to improve their internal identity and access management but also for managing citizen eID.

AET Europe is a preferred partner for eGovernment agencies, institutions, national printing houses and other public entities at every stage of the work they do to. Our end-to-end solutions for eGovernments are secure, easy to deploy and based on global best practices.

Use Case MOICA card

The state-of-the-art online ID card
A great success in Taiwan

Easy, secure and user-friendly e-government services for all Taiwanese citizens above the age of 18. Based on leading-edge smart card technology, the Citizen Digital Certificate system enables the use of more than 1000 services via the Internet.

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