Certificate Service Providers

The existent Certificate Service Providers often rely on issuing server certificates and/or issuing user certificates for very specific niche markets.

The market realizes at this moment that the use of username/password on the internet should be no longer used and that authentication should be a lot stronger. This creates for a Certificate Service Provider (CSP) enormous opportunities. How can a CSP let an ordinary internet user adapt user certificates? They often do not understand what it is all about. And next to that business applications do not want to trust and integrate every CSP that is out in the market. Since this leads often to higher cost and support effort.

AET can help a CSP to increase their business by providing solutions to issues certificates that can provide a high level of trust in an easy way and also facilitate a high acceptance by business applications. This all with keeping ease of use for the end-user in mind.

Use Case Department of Finance São Paulo

Real time authentication and secured transactions

In the Brazilian state of São Paulo merchants are required to charge VAT taxes on all products and services they sell. AET Europe worked together to ensure the security of real time declaration of these taxes. For this, AET provided her Certificate Lifecycle Management solution named BlueX eID Management.

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