Training & Certification

As an IT security company, we consider it our duty to keep up with the current and emerging IT security trends and spread our expertise and knowledge. Therefore, we offer several training and certification programs on a regular basis, on our solutions, for administrators, engineers and consultants. Our courses, delivered by experts, have been developed to integrate real world challenges in to the learning, with the ultimate aim of helping you to recognize the many benefits and advantages of our solutions.


SafeSign IC Certified Professional

This course provides an overview of the administrative responsibilities associated with SafeSign Identity Client (IC) and a hands-on training for the standard implementation and configuration of SafeSign IC. Furthermore in depth knowledge of SafeSign IC and associated technology will be addressed.


BlueX eID Management Certified Professional

BlueX Certified Professional trainings will help you in managing and implementing the BlueX eID Management system. Also associated technology will be addressed.


ConsentID Identity Provider Certified Professional.

After this course the trainee will have a good understanding on how to connect ConsentID Identity Provider to a business application and how customized Apps can be made.

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