ConsentID App

Authentication and signing service ConsentID (app)

With the AET’s ConsentID app, persons can give their consent anywhere, any time and on any device. ConsentID offers a flexible, easily adaptable and integrated solution for any business application.

AET Europe created the ConsentID Authentication Service to empower smartphone and tablet users in mobile multifactor authentication and digital signing ensuring high privacy protection. The ConsentID app enables easy and secure access to applications. Anytime and anywhere, taking full advantage of mobile authentication.

How it works

A user connects with this browser to the Business Application. He enters his user name in the required field of the application which send a verification request to the ConsentID server. The ConsentID server will push a message (Asking for consent) to the users’ phone. Then the user can enter his PIN on the phone to get access to the application on the PC. The Business Application gives access to the users’ requested information.

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The ConsentID app is used with a ConsentID server. During enrollment, a soft certificate will be stored on your mobile phone or tablet. This solution adds multifactor authentication functionality to all supported devices.

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