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BlueX for Enterprise IDBlueX for Enterprises

No enterprise operating in the modern connected world can function without being in control of the digital keys to the kingdom. Whether these keys are implemented as ID’s (or identities) for users, servers or mobile devices, being in control means having a clear picture of which ID’s exist in the enterprise, where they exist, and the processes in place to control their existence.

BlueX for Enterprises focusses on managing ID’s for common uses in an enterprise: secure user and device (server, mobile) authentication. It offers a specific set of commonly used issuance and management operations for items like (soft)certificates, smartcards and passwords or PIN-codes. BlueX for Enterprises provides specific integration points for the (Microsoft oriented) IT landscape found in most small and mid-sized enterprises, for example by using the Microsoft Active Directory, Certificate Services and SQL-server databases.

BlueX eID Management for Enterprises is a flexible and highly adjustable system for streamlining and automating every step in the digital or electronic identity management process.

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