BlueX for Commercial eID Providers

BlueX for eID providersBlueX for Commercial eID Providers

For commercial eID providers such as Certificate Service Providers (CSP), BlueX offers the possibility to automate large portions of issuance and management processes. BlueX offers a fully configurable workflow engine allowing processes to be configured exactly according to customer requirements, whether legal, technical or commercial.

Fully configurable role-based access management and security measures such as 4-eyes controls and enforcing of digital signatures ensure any level of assurance can be met. Additionally BlueX is audited against CEN/TS 419261:2015 regulations concerning the management of qualified signature certificates. Another important aspect of using BlueX to automate eID management are its integration capabilities. An eID provider typically operates an entire ecosystem of identity repositories, databases, certificate authorities and applications, not to mention the external ID registers, production facilities, couriers, and other third parties that are involved in eID management processes. BlueX can integrate all of those systems and external connections into user friendly and highly automated workflows.

BlueX eID Management for eID providers is a flexible and highly adjustable system for streamlining and automating every step in the digital or electronic ID management process.

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