BlueX eID Management

BlueX eID Management

Certificate lifecycle management tool

When using eID’s on various levels of assurance, a set of management and security operations must be established to ensure its safety. Managing multiple certificates with differing expiration dates issued by different vendors challenges even the most sophisticated enterprise.

BlueX supports organisations to implement policies for compliance with information security governance, enterprise roles and responsibilities in the area of the digital or electronic identity management process. It supports all aspects of certificate lifecycle management. BlueX lowers the cost by enabling organisations to be efficient in deploying, management and maintenance within a certificate-based infrastructure. BlueX can seamless integrate into any organisation and infrastructure due to its workflow-based approach and high configurability.

Benefits of BlueX eID Management

  • Security: Designed with a focus on security and trust. Helping significantly to reduce the risk of fraud, attacks and misuse from unauthorised individuals and hackers.
  • Interoperability: Supports a wide range of multifunctional smart cards and tokens and supports all major Certificate Authorities (CAs).
  • Certification: BlueX is audited as a Trustworthy System according to CWA 14167-1:2003 and is audited according to CEN/TS 419261:2015 and ANSSI CSPN.
  • Adaptability: due to seamless integration and its workflow-based approach
  • Usability: Flexible and easy administration with its user-friendly and recognisable web-based front end. This allows user locations to be geographically independent.
  • Scalability: From 50 to 50 million eIDs.
  • Deployability: Quick to deploy and requires low maintenance. Based on standard interfaces you can be sure of a secure and fast of Return On Investment.

 Integration with other systems

BlueX can integrate with physical access-, on-demand printing- or payments systems to create multi-purpose cards. Needless to say it also connects to CAs and databases.

BlueX eID Management for Enterprises

  • Comes with a standard workflow (automated request, issuance, validation, distribution and revocation of eIDs)
  • Integrate with various existing systems (physical access, HR systems, PKI, printers,..)
  • Token middleware vendor independent

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Datasheet BlueX Enterprise

In control of the keys to your enterprise

Automated eID Management for any organisation on any level of assurance. Download the BlueX datasheet with all benefits and product specifications.

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Use Case Nedap AEOS security system

End-to-End security with BlueX eID Management

Nedap and AET Europe have worked together to overcome security by vulnerabilities by developing AEOS end-to-end security. BlueX eID Management, the credential life cycle solution of AET, gives each door controller a unique identity.

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Use Case DigitalSign Brasil

Achieving CA operational excellence in Brasil

DigitalSign Certificadora Digital is one of the top-level Certification Authorities (CA) authorised to operate in the Brasilian market which uses AET’s solution BlueX eID Management to issue and manage digital certificates. DigitalSign achieved operational excellence by streamlining and optimising their business process by going digital.

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Use Case Department of Finance São Paulo

Real time authentication and secured transactions

In the Brazilian state of São Paulo merchants are required to charge VAT taxes on all products and services they sell. AET Europe worked together to ensure the security of real time declaration of these taxes. For this, AET provided her Certificate Lifecycle Management solution named BlueX eID Management.

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Use Case LLB

Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG: Internal eID Management – The right choice for E-Private Banking

Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG (LLB) was founded in 1861 and is the oldest bank in the principality of Liechtenstein.

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