Identity Lifecycle management

Identity Lifecycle management: We join what belongs together

Digital identity management is becoming an integral part of our lives. Since more and more of the online interactions depend on networked computer systems, which exchange potentially sensitive identity information across personal and enterprise boundaries.

A Digital Identity management solution is about creating, managing and revoking digital identities. By having these identities it is possible to enforce authentication, create access management policies and provide accountability which are required in e-business today. Identity management, therefore, incorporates a broader definition, which is a technology-neutral approach to integration and a flexible architecture that enables interoperability with multiple identity systems inside and outside organisations.

AET’s BlueX eID Management enables the workflows of your enterprise to be mapped in the system. No matter how an enterprise plans its individual ID security workflow whether centralised or distributed, whether as a three-level variant with, for instance, registration officer, validation officer and production officer, or otherwise. BlueX eID Management is a cost-effective solution to remain in control of digital identities and Identity Lifecycle management.