Our Business

Trust in this connected digital world

Our digital security solutions are everywhere. Sometimes we are visible, but often we are out of sight. Our concern is to keep your identity secure with respect for your privacy. With our security solutions, you know for sure with ‘who’ or ‘what’ you are communicating with. We create digital trust.

New digital technologies are transforming our world at a rapid pace, creating new challenges as well as new opportunities. Our solutions provide the next-generation of security software that enables trust and confidence. Our solutions are: SafeSign Identity Client, BlueX eID Management and ConsentID Identity Provider. Truly excellent solutions have the ability to grow along with expanding requirements.

Security needs to be reliable and convenient

What good is the best system if it responds to changes too little or too late? AET’s solutions are designed and created to adapt to internal company changes and grow correspondingly. As a result, even highly divergent methods or different user groups within the company’s own infrastructure are assured of harmonisation at all times, complementing each other and benefiting from the same levels of all-round digital security.

Securing millions of people and devices

Security is not just about technology or computers. It is about people and their privacy. It is about sensitive data, critical systems and physical access. Your users, (mobile) devices or machines can be identified in a trusted, reliable and convenient way within the Internet of Things (IoT). We can provide end-to-end security for your environment and devices. You can conduct secure payments and transactions, manage identities and safeguard the life cycle of credentials and digital certificates. With our solutions, digital signature and consent can be placed in an efficient and quick way.

With our strong network of global partners, we have deployed more than 25 million active licenses. Together with them, we enable our customers in more than 180 countries to deliver secure digital services for millions of people and devices.