Hospitalar 2017! Visit AET Europe at

Visit AET Europe at Hospitalar 2017!

Visit AET Europe at Hospitalar 2017!

HOSPITALAR is the leading healthcare event in the Americas. They bringing together hospital leaders, professionals and health thinkers together. This year, you will have the opportunity to meet AET Europe at the Orange Holland Pavilion!

Largest event in Health Care

The Hospitalar is the largest specialised event in the area of healthcare, throughout the Americas. At the event, 1,200 exhibiting brands and 90,000 professional visitors are present. Secondly,  researchers, thousands of hospital leaders, doctors, nurses and professionals who influence and/or decide shopping for hospitals, clinics and laboratories will be there.
Highlights include: the Digital Healthcare International Forum, which debates the changes in the doctor-patient relationship, and CISS – The International Healthcare Services Congress, which will examine how the healthcare industry can get the best out of its processes and reduce costs while still serving the market with high levels of excellence.

Holland Pavilion

For the second time, the successful Holland Pavilion is being organised at the Hospitalar in Brasil. The event is from 16th of May until the 19th of May. There are 26 participating Dutch companies in the Holland Pavilion. This event provides an excellent opportunity to meet AET Europe. I look forward to welcoming you at the Orange Holland Pavilion!

HIMSS@Hospitalar Forum 2017

In conclusion, On 16th of May, between 10.00hrs and 10.40hrs, our Brasilian Sales Executive, Luis Correia will give a presentation on the HIMSS@Hospitalar Forum on the topic of Health, Privacy and Security (room 2). His presentation will be about “Secure Identification in health care the Dutch/Europe experience.