AET Europe present at World eID & Cybersecurity 2016


Security week 2016: World-eID & CybersecurityWorld e-ID & Cybersecurity yearly gathers e-ID and information security professionals from Government and Industry to explore and discuss the latest technologies, solutions, deployments and regulations advancing secure identification and trusted online services.

Jan Rochat, CTO of AET Europe will speak during the World e-ID & Cybersecurity 2016 event at the Break-out Session New Trust Architectures for Digital ID on Tuesday 27th of September. In our connected world, secure electronic identification, authentication and digital signatures are becoming central to protect the data of Citizens, Enterprises and Governments and to enable the digital economy. Jan will present his view on digital signatures and authentication on multiple devices on a secure and convenient way: Building trust in this digital world. During the presentation Jan will discuss our Brazilian use case within health care.

Spread over 3 days, 80 speakers will decrypt the latest identity technologies and put them in perspective through inspiring country case studies and in-depth outlooks of standards and policies evolution worldwide. The focus lies on 3 core topics: next-generation e-ID documents, Digital Identity & Authentication and Cybersecurity Strategies.

We invite you to join us during the Smart Security Week 26 – 28 September in Marseille, France. It is an excellent opportunity to meet us and to expand your knowledge. We are looking forward to see you there!