SafeSign 3.0.112 approved for macOS Sierra



When a new operating system of Apple is released, AET Europe conducts intensive research of the architecture of macOS to see what consequences the latest update of OS X has for the functionality of SafeSign Identity Client. Typically, middleware like SafeSign IC supports complex distributed business software applications and therefore it will take some time before we can make an official compatibility statement.

It is always a race against the clock because AET wants to release SafeSign IC as soon as possible. But this requires the necessary testing procedures and comprehensive checks by our Support team. SafeSign Identity Client 3.0.112 is tested and qualified for the use on macOS Sierra (OSX 10.12) with the exception of Dutch CIBG end-users ( ‘UZI pas’).

Full compatibility of SafeSign IC 3.0.112 on macOS Sierra (OSX 10.12)

We can announce full compatibility of SafeSign IC 3.0.112 with this latest OS X version, the software performs correctly on OSX 10.12. We recommend organisations to upgrade to macOS Sierra as soon as possible because this improves performance, security and stability for SafeSign IC 3.0.112.

CIBG end-users UZI pas

Further in-depth research is necessary for the ‘UZI pas’ in combination with the Safari browser on macOS Sierra. Since we have discovered one issue with the Safari browser, we can not recommend yet an upgrade to OSX 10.12 for the Dutch ‘UZI-pas’ users . However the ‘UZI pas’ is tested and compatible with browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Opera. In the case of a mandatory update to macOS Sierra due to critical reasons, we recommend using the compatible browsers of Firefox, Chrome or Opera for the time being. Once the results of the comprehensive research for UZI pas with the Safari browser is known, we will inform you about the latest insights. We apologise for any inconvenience.