Risk, Intelligence & Security: 1st position for AET Europe


Nominated in the category of Risk, Intelligence & SecurityAs we already announced, we are nominated for the Dutch FinTech company of 2017 within the category Risk, Intelligence & Security. This nomination is a great reward for the work of the past months taken by all our employees.

Can we ask for your support?

At this moment, we held the 1st position within our category of Risk, Intelligence & Security when it comes to the public votes. But we are not there yet, we need your vote!
You can vote on the Dutch FinTech website:

or copy/paste the following URL in your browser: http://www.fintech.nl/companies/aet-europe

Why do we need your vote for the category of Risk, Intelligence & Security?

AET Europe believes that in this digital world, security, privacy and integrity are essential. As a company, we enable businesses to meet compliance and high levels of security. Because we also believe usability is important we establish security at the core: Invisible and yet present in every solution using our products.