Release of BlueX eID Management 5.4


blueX 5.4AET Europe announced the new version of BlueX eID Management. The latest version of its software, product release 5.4, offering enhanced design, improved usability and several new features including stricter security settings.

BlueX eID Management 5.4

In BlueX 5.4 it is possible for two or more operators to attempt to execute the same action at the same time. An additional locking mechanism was added to BlueX to prevent these collisions, enabling locking sessions.

This new product release also makes it possible to configure which hashing algorithm to use for signing a PKCS#10 certificate request. Next to that, a new elementary token action has been added for initializing SafeNet tokens (with a PIN and a PUK set). Special features include: initialization keys, password policy, PIN and PUK retry count and various initialization settings. These can be enabled during token initialization using SafeNet SDK as an extension to PKCS#11, Cryptographic Token Interface.

Audited as a Trustworthy System

This version of BlueX has been audited by KPMG, and complies to CWA 14167-1. CWA 14617-1 stands for ‘Security Requirements for Trustworthy Systems Managing Certificates for Electronic Signatures’ with very positive results.

Product release notes and documentation of BlueX eID Management are available through your regular channel.