Release of BlueX eID Management 5.5


BlueX eID ManagementToday AET Europe released its newest version of BlueX eID Management. BlueX eID Management is a certificate life cycle solution that helps organisations to streamline and automate the identity management process. The version of BlueX 5.5 brings several improvements: a new database model, LDAP service, graceful and forceful shutdown, updated interface and card personalization. Improving performance and flexibility was the general theme of BlueX 5.5.

New database scheme

The new database scheme improves performance of filter and sorting actions on a large scale as it stores requested data separately.

LDAP service

BlueX has always supported interaction with LDAPs and Active Directories (AD) in earlier versions. The new LDAP service increases the reliability and is easier to configure.

CCI updated to the JSON framework

BlueX is now fully compatible with the latest version of Microsoft web browser: Edge. The component Configuration Interface (CCI), which is used by workflow builders, is updated to the JSON framework. Some new features were added, and some changes were made in its appearance and operation. No conversion or migration actions are necessary.

Card personalization and onsite rekeying actions possible

Lastly, BlueX now offers DESFire EV1 card and SAM card personalization. It has always been possible to produce contactless cards for physical entry systems via third parties, but now it is possible to directly produce these cards via BlueX.

Physical security and logical access security can now be combined to archive a higher level of security. A single interface point for logical and physical access ensures that the security technology uses is available for all sectors and not just critical infrastructure organisations.

Availability of the newest BlueX release

The newest release of BlueX eID Management 5.5 is available for customers having a valid support contract. Please contact AET directly when your organization does not have a support contract. Product release notes and documentation of BlueX 5.5 like migration, conversion and installation guides are available via the regular channel. For more information on BlueX, see the solution page of BlueX eID management.

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