Fin Tech mission for AET Europe to Atlanta, USA


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Dutch Prime Minister Rutte will head an economic mission to Atlanta, USA, in which AET Europe will participate as one of the Dutch companies.

From 5 to 7 October 2015, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Flemish Minister-President Geert Bourgeois will head a joint economic mission to Atlanta, United States. They will be accompanied by a delegation made up of Dutch and Flemish businesses. One of the companies who will join the economical mission is AET.

Goal of the Atlanta mission
This mission will bring together knowledge, experience and products in the field of Smart Logistics, IT Security and Financial Technologies (Fin Tech) and creates the possibility for new alliances. The three-day mission in October will represent the interests of Flemish and Dutch companies with one of their most important products and solutions in the fields of ICT.

Expanding Fin Tech business
Mike van Uum, COO of AET, responses on the mission: For AET it is a great opportunity to expand our business in the USA with our Fin Tech solutions. Atlanta is the highest growing tech region in the USA and is specialised in Fin Tech and Cyber Security. With a flourishing start-up scene, favourable investment climate and knowledge institutions, Atlanta is on its way to become the next Silicon Valley. We will be looking for new parties to positioning our new solution ConsentID Identity Provider within the Fin Tech.

ConsentID Identity Provider
AET is focused on IT and Cyber Security within areas like Finance. One of the developed software solutions is ConsentID Identity Provider which issues a trustworthy Mobile Identity to persons and organizations that need to be identified by Business Applications. ConsentID offers a flexible, easily adaptable authentication and transaction signing for example for online banking, payment confirmation, corporate services and more digital services. The latest solution of AET brings business value, creates new business models and creates new user experience within the community.

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