End-to-End security with BlueX eID Management


end-to-end securityNedap and AET Europe have worked together to overcome security by vulnerabilities by developing AEOS end-to-end security. In contrast to other manufacturers, Nedap offers a complete end-to-end security solution where both DESFire keys and digital certificates are stored in the Secure Access Module (SAM) inside door controllers. This is unique in the market, it ensures that all elements of the access control systems can be trusted and that communication between all elements of the system is secured.

AET supported Nedap in applying the latest principles of encryption and strong authentication from the IT industry to physical access control. BlueX eID Management, the credential life cycle solution of AET, gives each door controller a unique identity. Digital certificates within systems and security devices provide strong identity and improve the foundation of trust that is needed to interact and exchange (sensitive) data in a secure way.

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