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Release of BlueX 7.0

July 14, 2022

We, AET Europe, proudly announce BlueX 7.0. This latest release includes several new features, including moving to 64-bits, Post Issuance QSCD, support for Single-Wire printers, updated support for HSMs slot labels, conditional views and supporting (3rd party) software updates, bugfixes and security patches. 

A world without passwords – is it closer than we think?

October 09, 2020

In this time of increased homeworking, we’re constantly using passwords – whether it’s to set up a conference call, log into business applications or share information. But does this need to be the case? Could we work securely without passwords? Let’s first look at passwords and their vulnerabilities before considering …
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Release of BlueX eID Management 5.5

June 14, 2016

Today AET Europe released its newest version of BlueX eID Management. BlueX eID Management is a certificate life cycle solution that helps organisations to streamline and automate the identity management process. The version of BlueX 5.5 brings several improvements: a new database model, LDAP service, graceful and forceful shutdown, updated …
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Release of BlueX eID Management 5.4

October 14, 2015

AET Europe announced the new version of BlueX eID Management. The latest version of its software, product release 5.4, offering enhanced design, improved usability and several new features including stricter security settings. BlueX eID Management 5.4 In BlueX 5.4 it is possible for two or more operators to attempt to …
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