Announcement AET Security Topics


Around the world, governments, businesses and individuals are increasingly moving toward providing products and services online. For transactions, it is necessary to know the identity of the person involved.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship – and essential to trust is the idea of identification. One of the key enablers in the future digital economy will be trust.

Announcement AET Security Topics

The start of AET Security Topics

AET Europe is a global leader in the area of digital security solutions. Founded in 1998. We are specialized in creating secure solutions in identification, authentication, digital signing, consent and management of credentials.

We believe that in this digital world, security, privacy, and integrity are essential. To make this possible, we have developed strong solutions by using military grade technology. We have succeeded in translating everyday problems into easy to use applications. We enable businesses to meet compliance and high levels of security. Because we also believe usability is important we establish security at the core: Invisible and yet present in every solution using our products.

Because we believe in sharing information for the greater good with the PKI community, we started AET Security Topics.

On a regular basis, we will share videos on our socials, about the topics that matter. For example, Quantum Computing, Digital Signatures, Security Enclaves and so on. Technical topics explained easily, by our experts including Phil Zimmermann.

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