AET Europe nominated for the Dutch FinTech company of 2017


Dutch FinTech AwardsWe are proud to announce that AET Europe is nominated for the Dutch FinTech company of 2017!  The Dutch FinTech Awards is the place where innovative and disruptive FinTech companies are awarded by a top-notch jury panel. The purpose of the Dutch FinTech Awards is to celebrate innovators that shape the future of finance and acknowledge the work these companies did to make a difference.

AET’s solutions

With AET’ solutions, insurance companies and customers can securely access their own insurance records in the cloud. Financial authorities like banks and pension funds can digital sign documents or offer a new type of services to customers for e.g. digital applying for loans, mortgages or insurances. We believe that in this digital world, security, privacy, and integrity are essential. As a company, we enable businesses to meet compliance and high levels of security. Because we also believe usability is important we establish security at the core: Invisible and yet present in every solution using our products.

Can we ask for your support?

The Dutch FinTech Award will help us to consolidate our brand and reputation and will thus allow us to expand our services all around Europe. The Top 50 is generated by combining public voting and expert voting and therefore we need your vote! The online voting starts 9 January 2017 and ends 20 April 2017.

We would appreciate your vote!

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