AET Europe launches ConsentID 2.0


ConsentID Identity ProviderThe Next level of Mobile Authentication, Privacy Protection and Digital Signing

Arnhem, August, 4th 2015 AET Europe announces the official launch of ConsentID 2.0 Identity Provider, the identity solution that provides organizations with unlimited access from mobile devices to (cloud based) business applications.

ConsentID 2.0

In 2013 the first version of ConsentID Identity Provider, the identity solution of AET Europe was launched. It was distributed to partners and customers and deployed within Proof of Concept settings. The feedback gathered from these deployments led to the development of new features, resulting in ConsentID 2.0. This version is fully equipped to address three core IT-security concepts: Authentication, Privacy Protection and Digital Signing.

Flexible IT solution for authentication and digital signing

With ConsentID 2.0, AET Europe now has a scalable and flexible mobile and desktop solution that provides state-of-the art IT security measures for managing authentication and digital signing of electronic transactions. The security solution comes with a app (iOS, Android, Windows), to access the multifactor authentication and digital signing functionality. With the app you get easy and secure access to business applications, anywhere, any time on any device you want. The ConsentID Service Platform includes an infrastructure that is able to manage millions of users with Digital Identities.

Jan Rochat, Co-Founder and Chief Technological Officer AET Europe, stated that With this new release of ConsentID, we jump ahead of our competitors by meeting the current market needs. As well as laying out an architectural foundation that can last for the coming ten years. We plan to expand ConsentID with further functionality that will enable our customers to tweak the Solution and its Mobile App even more.

Download the Press Release about ConsentID 2.0