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Life Cycle

AET Europe: BlueX Life Cycle

Life Cycle Phases

The life cycle of a BlueX-series consists of three consecutive phases:

KeyPhase Description
Dark blueUpdate Minor and patch releases (typically lasts 1 year).
Medium blue


Patch releases (typically lasts 6 months). This phase starts when a new major version is released.
Light blueSecurity Patch releases for critical vulnerabilities only (typically lasts 6 months). When this phase has ended the entire particular BlueX-series will be considered End-of-Life (EOL) and will no longer be supported.

Audited BlueX-series will their maintenance and security phases duration doubled (i.e. 1 year instead of 6 months for each phase).


Three types of releases will become available during the life cycle phases of a BlueX-series. Which type of release can be expected depends on the life cycle phase.

AET Europe: BlueX releases


1 Version number position: the 3-digit version numbering scheme is in effect as of the BlueX 8-series (8.0.0). Earlier versions of BlueX will continue to use ‘BlueX <version> Build <build number>’ until they are End-of-Life.

2 Backward compatible: minor and patch release types will not break existing functionality (of the particular BlueX-series). The major release type will be provided with guidance and tooling to handle the upgrade to a new series/major version.

3 Cumulative: contains everything from preceding releases.

Supported Versions/Series

AET Europe: BlueX supported versions/series