AET Europe

Netherlands (Head Office)

Visitor address: IJsselburcht 3 NL-6825 BS Arnhem The Netherlands (General) (Support team)
Tel.: +31 26 365 33 50 (General)

Directions to AET Netherlands HQ(pdf)
Postal address: P.O. Box 5486 NL-6802 EL Arnhem The Netherlands

Legal business entity: A.E.T. Europe B.V. VAT: NL-8092.26.820.B.01 Chamber of Commerce: NL- 09114089 Terms and conditions (PDF English)


Visitor address: Av. D. Manuel II, 2070 – 6º Sala 63 P- 4470-334 Maia Portugal (General)
Tel.: +351 22 495 05 19 (General)

Postal address: Av. D. Manuel II, 2070 6º Sala 63 4470-334 Maia Portugal

Legal business entity: AETPT Portugal Unipessoal, Lda. VAT: PT-510009735 Chamber of Commerce: PT-510009735 Terms and conditions (PDF English) Termos e Condições(PDF Português)


Postal address: Via Ronchetto 9 6814 Cadempino (Lugano) Switzerland
Tel.: +31 26 365 33 50 (Head Office)

Legal business entity: Advanced Encryption Technology Europe SA VAT: CHE-113.980.361 Commercial Register: CHE-501.3.009.735-6, Canton Ticino